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Hemp For Military Gear

Hemp For Military Gear

Hemp is one thousand times more resistant to abrasion when compared to cotton. Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in the world. Military personnel need uniforms and gear with a strong high-quality material like hemp during combat and for rugged terrain.  Military personnel find hemp to be the most durable fabric during deployment and other difficult situations.


Hemp is an ideal material to produce not only uniforms but also other gear like socks, jackets, clothing, scarves, etc.  Hemp fabric is anti-microbial and blocks UV 99% rays, fire and water-resistant making it for military uniforms, socks, and gear.  


Research has shown that the complex three-dimensional structure of hemp fibers results in a moisture-absorption rate three times that of cotton, and kills bacteria that come into contact with woven fabric within one hour. Material made from hemp is also fast-drying, can shield more than 95 percent of ultraviolet rays, and is non-fading. Hemp used with camouflage dyes last longer when exposed to tough conditions. Hemp is ideal for socks because it is breathable for military personnel. 


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