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We want to hear from you! Please CONTACT US or click the Let's Chat button if you have any additional questions. 


Organic Fabrics?

All of our fabrics are organic  plant-based. They do not contain any chemicals or synthetic fibers.

Hemp/Silk Blends

Our Hemp / Silk fabric blends are 70% Hemp and 30% Silk.  Our Flax / Hemp is 70% Flax and 30% Hemp.  All fabrics are organic plant-based.

Cotton 110" wide

Our 100% organic cottons are all 110 inches wide. Perfect for bedding, duvets, curtains, pillows, sheeting, quilts, and pillows. Organic cotton is ideal for apparel such as shirts, pants, dresses, tops, skirts, and all of you creative sewing ideas.

What uses?

Our organic eco-friendly fabrics are sustainable, bio-degradable and therefore help the earth. Our Hemp/Silk blends are strong durable fabrics. Ideal for uphostrey, bedding, apparel, pants, shirts, hats. bags and all applications when you need a durable fabric. 


The Hemp is from Romania which is the highest quality hemp is the world. Our cotton is from Turkey. Our warehouse is located in Montana, USA.  Our office is in the Seattle area. 

Volume Discounts

We do offer volume discounts, please CONTACT US for details.

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