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High Frequency Fabrics

The human body has a frequency of 70-100m (in people with illnesses that drop below 50m).  The premise is that any fabric with a higher frequency is beneficial to humans, and any fabric with a lower frequency causes or increases illness.

What fabrics have a high frequency?

Linen and Wool 5,000 have a frequency of 5000. Strangely when a body wore both Linen and Wool at the same time, the frequency went to zero. 

What is the frequency of Organic cotton? It’s neutral (or beneficial depending on illness levels).
The perfect blending material for other fabrics, organic cotton came in at 100, pretty much in tune with the human body. However organic cotton matters. Standard bleached cotton measured at 40.

Rayon 15, Polyester, acrylic, spandex, lycra, viscose and nylon measure 0.

What about hemp, is it good for your health?

Hemp carries no static charge. Meaning it’s grounding to wear it. Linen is strong, but Hemp is even stronger! Hemp is the most durable of natural fibers: 3.3 times more durable than cotton. The extended life of hemp means that if everyone wore it, we could reduce by one-third the resources needed to clothe the planet.

What are the pros of hemp vs linen?

Hemp is FAR more sustainable. Hemp is simply the most environmentally friendly plant going.

  • so green it’s carbon negative

  • strongest natural fiber

  • pesticide free

  • fast growing

  • enriches the soil it is grown in 

  • used for thousands of years

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